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26th October 2020


Wood Floor

Natural wood flooring is a classic of the genre that has proven its practicality, environmental friendliness and aesthetic perfection for centuries. To a large extent, the properties of a wood floor depend on the type of wood used to make the boards. The dimensional characteristics of the elements determine the decorative appearance and complexity of the installation process. On sale are block and modular parquet, parquet, massive and engineered boards.

The advantages of a wooden floor:

  • Environmental friendliness — natural wood is safe for health and does not contain toxic substances.
  • Great aesthetics — a wooden floor is always beautiful and luxurious, as well as versatile, because parquet fits perfectly into any interior.
  • Durability — the maximum service life of wood depends on its species and the thickness of the board, however, in any case, the tree ensures the preservation of all the properties of the floor for decades.
  • The possibility of restoration — you can return the original aesthetic and operational characteristics to the tree at any time.
  • Reliability and tactile pleasantness — wood, being a natural material, has a pleasant tactile texture.

Disadvantages of a wood floor. It is difficult to talk about the disadvantages of a wooden floor, because most experts agree that this coating can be considered one of the best options for a home interior. The negative aspects can be attributed rather to the characteristics of the tree, which are easily leveled by proper installation and maintenance. Here, first of all, it should be noted the ability of the tree to «breathe», which means the geometric instability of the wood. Therefore, it is important to maintain a relative humidity of 40-60%. Another disadvantage of natural wood is the relatively high price of such a coating.



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