When ordering new floors in order to decorate your house or office, the sanding process should be done with great care as it seems something easy but it requires the real craftsman. Thus, when it comes to the dexterity of our team, you do not have to worry at all.

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Restoration wood floor London

The floor is laid and is that all? Not of course. Care is not once but all the time. This is related to many things and floor installation is not an exception. Solid floor installation proves to very effective in many senses, yet it also requires attention. Beauty comes with care. Renovating old or antique floors is what we are also professionals.

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Oil & Varnish finishing London

The combination of both oil and varnish is quite popular. So, what is the varnish oil combination? Generally, it is linseed or Tung oil resin finish used for good, interior design dedicated to the wood floor. This type of blend is also known as Danish or antique oil finish.

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Fitting Hardwood Flooring London

There are important means of installation: nailing, glueing, floating and so on. All the processes required to complete the job is our care. You should know is a long and tedious process, yet our team will do it in the way you like and admire. Make your floor look like never before.

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Finish Carpentry London

As the name suggests, it is not a simple carpentry. It is more about finishing touches after the basic stuff is done. Much depends on the finish carpenters, and thus it is good news to say that our professional team is always by your side to help you with the last touches of the intended design. Our diligence and years of experience are proof of our team and its expertise.

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Custom Woodwork London

The process of customization is about integrated fresh and popular ideas to create something unique. Our craftsmen can boast their approach and the way they do their work. Wood is something to be felt and understood, and from the perspective of the professionals, your home has the chance to designed with carefully selecting materials and designs that will make your house look unforgettable.

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