Natural wood in the home interior is stylish and harmonious, which is noted by its frequent usage in creating a wide variety of design styles. Professional housing decoration with expensive and rare types of wood gives the room not only elegance and gloss but also the freshness of the breath of nature, embodied in individualized aesthetic forms and lines of the interior.

Qualified specialists of our company implement almost any interior design projects and fill them with the features inherent in different types of wood. Use the wide range of available natural materials to uniquely implement a personal vision of a stylish, natural, and harmonious home atmosphere. We work throughout Wimbledon with private and business clients.


Custom-made wooden floors are an ideal choice to proffer home atmosphere a gloss and shade of the natural beauty of forests, which is so lacking in a large, crowded, and stuffy city. Thanks to a unique combination of quality, durability, and style, the decor of the interior looks as harmonious as possible. Contact our professionals today and they will provide all the necessary information to personalize your residence design project.

TA balanced combination of creativity, starting from the first strokes of the project development and ending with the professional accompaniment of the latest personal accents to design the atmosphere of your home, as a result, yields an unsurpassed result in the form of determining the natural outlines of your proximity to nature even in the midst of concrete urbanization of megacities. We provide professional services, freely operating in Wimbledon.


Restoring a wooden floor is an extremely responsible task that requires special attention of qualified professionals in the processing of different types of wood. Most wood types require preliminary design, taking into account all aspects of work, extremely careful and professional handling and proper handling.

Contact our professionals for the fastest and highest quality restoration of natural wood flooring. Thanks to experts in working with all types of coatings and their further processing, you are guaranteed to create exceptional coziness and a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Our services apply via Wimbledon.


Professional woodwork requires the attention of real professional carpenters who have the widest experience in working with natural wood selected by the client. The workshop hands of experts will be able to provide any room with high-quality flooring, furniture, and decor.

An appeal to our specialists will present you with a truly stunning result in the form of a unique combination of qualified attention to each client’s idea regarding personalization of individual home space and the implementation of the proposed project. Our company’s services apply to the entire Wimbledon territory.


Sand flooring is an extremely stylish element of room decor. Modern interior design trends provide the widest selection of floor coverings based on various sand mixtures. Our professionals will be able to choose the floor for your home that will harmoniously complement the individual design based on your creative ideas.

Contacting highly qualified professionals of our company, you guarantee yourself excellent service and the realization of any of your ideas. A high-quality sand floor requires attention to detail, as it is based on a harmonious color scheme and pay attention to the individual balance of taste and creativity. Professional work throughout Wimbledon is guaranteed.


Working with wood requires a professional approach not only to the decoration of the premises but also to the coating of natural wood products. High-quality and harmonious aesthetics of the home ambiance guarantee comfort — this is not a secret, especially if you use paints and varnishes for coating. Shine and gloss of natural wooden surfaces supplement the room beauty, turning it into a private nook for relaxation.

An appeal to the professionals of our company guarantees unique prospects for the realization of all, even the most daring ideas and combinations. Using natural wood in interior design allows you to create a wonderful harmony of colors and freshness of the breath of mother nature. We operate throughout Wimbledon.