How to properly clean wood floors?

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1st March 2021


Wood Floor

How to Properly Clean Wood Floors?

Various floor covering gets dirty pretty quickly. We’ve prepared a guide to cleaning and caring for your floors at home. The proper care will significantly extend the life of your flooring. The recommendations on the packaging of cleaning products take into account all the nuances of use.

Do not thin the products too much. Do not use an overly concentrated floor cleaner. You can permanently destroy the floor surface and disfigure the interior.

Washing and cleaning varnished wooden floors

Wooden floors are often varnished. The varnish creates a durable and hard coating on the floor. This dense cover protects it from mechanical damage over time. One of the main advantages of lacquered floors is their resistance to dirt. Coffee or soup is easily washed off the surface without leaving any residue. Varnishing gives us a lot of freedom in the choice of finishes. It can be matte, satin or glossy.

Sand is the worst enemy of wood and laminate floors. We bring it into the house on the sole of our shoes. The sand acts like sandpaper. It removes the top layer of the floor finish. Remove dry dirt with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Entry mats will help keep debris from entering your home.

It is necessary to regularly sweep the parquet, vacuum it and wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time. Such care will make the parquet look beautiful. A large shoe mat will help keep things neat and tidy.

Do not wash the wooden floor with water! Specific acrylic-based products are ideal for cleaning. Low abrasion resistance is the reverse side of the varnish. It manifests itself in scuffs and scratches from furniture and heels.

Wood Floor Care

  1. Daily

Lacquered wood floors must be vacuumed and washed daily. Lacquered floors don’t like sand. Little grains scratch and destroy the outer layer of the wood. Remember to use as little water and suitable non-greasy products as possible when washing. Universal detergents are not suitable here. They are very aggressive for lacquered floors.

  1. Once a month

Polish the floor once a month. A specific paste strengthens the varnish, adds shine and makes the floor more saturated. Preliminary preparation is required. The floor remains very slippery for some time after the procedure.

  1. Every 5-10 years

You have to scrape off the surface. The scraping principle gives us quite a lot of freedom of choice. The sander separates the top layer of wood. This procedure brings back the shine.

  1. Every 5-10 years

The floor should be varnished. This operation must be carried out immediately after sanding.

Homemade cleaning methods:

  • scratches on the wooden floor can be oiled;
  • water with detergent removes traces of juice, milk, cream, beer or wine;
  • extraction gasoline removes traces of chocolate, fats and oils, shoe polish, as well as stains from heels and tar;
  • the clean cold water removes traces of blood;
  • pencil and ink you can remove with alcohol.

Washing and cleaning oiled wood floor

Oiling is the second most popular wood floor finish. The durability of such a floor depends on adherence to the basic principles of its use and maintenance. Oil application provides high resistance to mechanical damage. However, the oiled floor is much less slippery and looks like natural wood.

Basic cleaning methods for oiled floors:

  • vacuuming the floor or wiping with a dry cloth;
  • wipe the floor with a damp cloth to avoid dripping.

You can clean these floors with synthetic solutions. We recommend that you apply a new coat of the special protective agent from time to time (for example, every six months).



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