Roll flooring. Main types

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26th October 2020

Some types of flooring are delivered in rolls, such as linoleum and carpet. So what types of roll flooring are used more often?


Perhaps this is the most common flooring — practicality and low price make it very popular. Modern technologies make it possible to create linoleum with very effective patterns that copy wood or tiles in detail. Some people think that linoleum looks cheap, but this is only true for the most inexpensive types.

In order for linoleum to serve for a long time, it must be laid on a special gasket, but otherwise the installation is very simple. It can be used even where the floor is not perfectly level. Linoleum is waterproof, it is easy to clean, it is not afraid of insects and fungus, and the wear resistance of linoleum is very high — a high-quality floor covering of this type can last 20 years or more. The disadvantages of inexpensive types of linoleum include not very good resistance to temperature extremes, and you cannot call it an environmentally friendly material.


Carpet is a rolled carpet made of natural or artificial fibers. It consists of several layers — latex lining, base and nap. Sometimes a third layer of felt is added — such coatings are thicker and softer, and it is more pleasant to walk on them. The carpet provides good noise and heat insulation, and also has a variety of design options. The main disadvantage of carpet is the need to regularly clean it with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, some coatings will fade in the sun.

Artificial grass

Practical, durable and aesthetically pleasing roll cover made of bulky fibers firmly bonded to a highly elastic bottom backing. Artificial grass is divided into two types: decorative (or artificial turf) and sports.

Artificial turf can be used as a covering on the lawn near the house, in the conservatory or on the balcony. Usually it is fixed around the perimeter with corners or plinths. When it comes to large areas, staples are used. It is worth noting that a material with drainage properties is used for outdoor flooring. «Sports» artificial grass, in addition to allowing moisture to pass through, has increased wear resistance. This coating is suitable for football and golf courses, tennis, badminton. Quality artificial grass can last up to 15 years.



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