To beautify your home with the freshness of natural elegance and the unique gamut of unique visual solutions, be sure to use the designing services of our company. Many years of experience guarantees the implementation of the most daring and creative plans for decorating your home with idiosyncratic aesthetic accents in the form of wood trim — stay in touch with nature even while relaxing in your cozy home atmosphere after a hard-working day.

Collaboration with our company guarantees the creative implementation of innovative ideas to revitalize work and home spaces using the most advanced interior design solutions. Contact us today and our specialists will turn your home into a genuine temple of natural shapes and vibration. We operate throughout the whole Hammersmith region.


Natural hardwood flooring — one of the leading trends in modern interior design following a broad variety of styles and unique directions in design. Decorating with noble types of natural wood gives the room freshness and a classic touch of completeness and peacefulness. Our services apply to the entire Hammersmith territory.

Today, many experts in working with the interior of living quarters give their preference to natural wood — oak, pine, ash. Supplementing and furnishing in the traditional Scandinavian, North American, and Eco-style requires an emphasis on natural wood types — a harmonious combination with high-quality fittings and metal elements creates an atmosphere of balance and coziness.


With the advent of various modern flooring materials such as laminate, porcelain stoneware, or PVC tiles, natural wood flooring has ceased to be used everywhere. On the one hand, parquet or massive board is certainly more expensive than laminate, on the other hand, such a floor will fit into absolutely any interior: from Minimalism and Scandinavian style to Classic.

Clients of restoration establishments are extremely demanding on the quality of decoration and design of the premises. Finishing the surfaces of the premises with natural wood focuses the attention of customers on the environmental friendliness of design — which in our time is an effective course for attracting customers. Our Company professionally provides a broad list of design services, operating throughout Hammersmith territory.


Finishing with carpentry tools is a necessary stage of high-quality work with all types of furniture, as well as surfaces in residential and industrial premises. Expert work with the tool reveals the full potential of the material, guaranteeing a high-quality and effective result — the master carpenter is able to create any turnkey product from natural wood.

Our experts work throughout Hammersmith, providing customers with a unique result — this accuracy can sometimes be achieved only using modern digital equipment. Many years of experience guarantee an effective and quick result — specialists will be able to design and manufacture almost any piece of furniture in the shortest possible time, fully meeting all technical requirements and specifications.


There are two main divisions of decorative sand plaster — these are matte and pearl. When the walls are painted with a pearlescent coating, they acquire a feeling of silkiness and smoothness. Thanks to the reflective particles in the pearl plaster, the finished walls shimmer in shades close to the base. Mostly reflective particles are crushed shells and various spangles. They complement a unique restoration atmosphere with exotic color harmony and balance.

Professional technicians working with all kinds of surfaces in restaurants and other institutions guarantee the perfect result, creating a truly chic atmosphere of luxury and exoticism that guests like so much. Our company works with all institutions in Hammersmith — call today and get a comprehensive consultation on all issues of interest.


Varnishing is one of the most important stages of working with surfaces of residential and industrial premises to give them shine and smoothness. The use of the most advanced surface treatment methods guarantees the undeniable quality of the finish of each surface, regardless of the number of layers or materials. We guarantee an exceptional result, operating throughout Hammersmith territory.

Wood, due to its unique charm and style, is a universal material, often used both inside and outside buildings. If you want to keep the facade lining or furniture in good condition for many years, you need to take care of them accordingly. One way is to varnish them using modern types of materials.