Wooden Floor and Stairs Mounting Methods

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15th July 2020


Wood Floor

There are several options commonly used by wood floor fitters Among highly-qualified HL&SYMOLIS company specialists of hardwood installation the three methods commonly used:


  • Pillar-based floor. This variant is appropriate in a case of the solid oak flooring Wimbledon manufacture. There is ain’t no need to set the specific load-bearing beams right in the walls. Such an overhaul type called «floating» design. This method is mostly used in cases where the groundwater level is high;
  • Single boardwalk. Easy installing make it an ideal choice for private houses, where the client doesn’t plan to live during the winter cold period;
  • Double plank. If you will live in the private house all year, it is highly recommended to lay the floor in two phases: a draft layer (from slabs or uncut boards) and a supplementing construction with one from grooved boards.


Also, we should mention the key features of the hardwood floor stairs installation, often used in multi-floor private houses.


  • Currently, the most prevalent among clients are hardwood stairs becomes the main element of house decoration. For its production, providing companies use only expensive and especially beautiful wood — usually oak, ash, or beech. During the installation process, it operated by HL&SAMYLIS professionals of specific carved techniques, supplementing the general design idea with a large number of decorative elements, providing you with the best hardwood floors on the market.
  • The most durable and beautiful material rankings include mostly beech and oak. But ash is superior to them in the beauty of the pattern, while not inferior in density;
  • Cheaper price category includes mostly larch and birch. They characterized by lower durability characteristics, but the main advantage is more democratic, and as a result, the affordable price of most homeowners.
  • Pine is the softest among available wooden materials, so it is frequently used to build temporary stairs. For example, beautiful balusters are made of it, which will enhance the structure and house interior for many years.



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