When it comes to solid floor installation, HL & Symolis LTD. should be your first choice. We are a full-service company that provides our clients with a lot of services and needed help. We, at HL & Symolis LTD., can fulfill your dreams of creating a more eye-catchy atmosphere at home or office. When planning the new floor installation, there are so many choices available that anyone can get lost. But thanks to our company, you are going to choose from the best and chosen range of choices. Here the limit is your imagination.

We, as the company, create a bridge between the design and practical side of solid flooring. Since it is very important to look good but with good quality. So, being attractive to natural beauty and durable at the same time is not a challenging task anymore. You have a problem, but we have a solution.

We are a premium solid floor installation company that is doing its best to provide an unforgettable and remarkable experience for our customers by means of combining the best quality with excellent craftsmanship and undisputed care. We do know what we do thanks to our experienced team who is always willing to help and create something more attractive.

For us, it is of the highest priority to integrate and coordinate the professional designers and workers who produce floor installation alongside precision and performance. It is quite vital to delivering pragmatic and aesthetic floors to make your home or office something modern and appealing. Out team can pride many finished projects given the time of our services.

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When it comes to the question of floor installation, there is so much to look through and understand. This burden is of course on our professional team’s shoulders. Every detail needed to decorate your floor is already at your service. We design, cooperate and consult with our clients so that the result can satisfy both sides. So, by choosing us you do ensure that your house or business office is in good hands. We offer the following: good designer job, client-based approach, a great range of design choice, a guarantee of work, cost-effective offers, customization of the wood, some other services when needed.

Given all the mentioned, our team may fulfill everything needed and relevant to the floor installation. Our services of Custom Woodwork, Fitting Hardwood Flooring, Sanding, Oil & Varnish Finishing, Finish Carpentry, and Restoration Wood Floor are our company’s core services. So, if one of the services is what you need, contact us.

If you are planning to renew your floors or design your home, then maybe it is high time you started from us. We don’t believe in chance. We believe in hard work and experience. If you are of the same opinion and seeking the help of a professional team regarding building some unique wooden floors, we are at your service with pleasure.


Choosing solid hardwood flooring is an important step towards making the home more comfortable and cozier. If you are planning to have such a home, then we have good news for you. We have several sorts of work that we do.

  • Installation: When it comes to the installation, it is important that professionals have a look at the intended interior. This is about measuring, checking, nailing, and so on. So, get all these done by the experienced team of our company.
  • Customized patterns: choosing a particular design and pattern is very important. For example, the most popular patterns are herringbone, parquet, diagonal, random, and straight ones.
  • Sanding: in the woodworking project, this process is critical to the quality of the floors. There are several ways of doing this. We can ensure that your wood floors will look amazing.
  • Restoration: it is a different method of refreshing the already existing floor to make it look better than before.

Solid flooring has become quite popular. People tend to make their houses look perfect and flawless. And what can make your floor smoother and more flawless than solid flooring? In order to make it with a cost-effective approach, our company can offer a lot to you in terms of our services. You better know that this process is not as easy as it seems. It is a kind of installing that requires professionalism and care at the same time. Yet no worries as we have everything you need. We are professionals that can fulfil your dreams of creating something great and beautiful at your home or office.

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Generally, there are two types of an installation known as softwood and hardwood. The former one includes woods of pine, fir, and cedar trees. However, as they fledge faster and thus their durability is not long enough. Yet the latter one is made of the trees that grow less quickly. Moreover, they require less maintenance as well. So, it is not surprising that people generally prefer hardwood flooring.

Being the most preferred one, hardwood floor installation prices can vary to a great extent. Simply put, the more durable material is chosen, the more expensive it can be. However, such installation is worth its investment as it would not require regular refining or restoration. Our team will do everything accordingly and given our flexible prices, you can find everything according to your budget. Being professional is not only offering services but also being able to find something affordable and of good quality for everyone.

When considering the installation of the floor, you have to know that heat felt under the feet is relatively even. It is good especially during the cold seasons. So, your entire room can be naturally warm. Yet there is an important thing that it is not advisable to install hardwood flooring directly on concrete that can entail some long term problems.


The process of the installation has its own how-to. Given the experience of our team, there is no need to be concerned about the time and quality of the work. Besides, our company’s perfect approach to the job of floor installation, it is important that you understand the importance of it. With solid installation, you make sure that

It is always stylish: no matter how much time should pass, it is always trendy to have the solid floor installed. Why do people prefer solid floor installation? It is of a great style. Such type of installation has always been in trend. It is time tested.  

Such floors are unique: having a solid floor is like having a piece of art at your home, and this would make your guests and yourself more comfortable. The feeling this gives is hard to depict. So, if you are planning to create a unique atmosphere wherever you want, then our team is always ready to help you with that.  

Time does not spoil wood easily: actually, over time, the wood on your floor is going to have some nicks or dents, but somehow it will give another good view as if redesigned by nature. Even scratches that accumulate with time passing do create their peculiar effect on the wood. So, it is not surprising that people prefer such a style of flooring.

Warmth is very important: one of the main and practical sides of the wooden floors is its ability to keep the floor warm at home. People with experience of solid floor installation appreciate and happy since such a floor is good in terms of keeping temperature.

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