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Hardwood Floor Installers Kensington

HL&SYMOLIS team consisting of best designers and professionally trained workers came up with the amusing range of choice for wood installation in your home in Kensington. Cherry, bamboo, oak and maple – are the most picked once, but we are always happy to recommend the best tree to fit in a particular room. Either our clients have a house or apartment, it does not matter, because fitting hardwood in Kensington will fit both.

Thanks to HL&SYMOLIS hard-working employees you will be able to choose the design for each room. Oak hardwood flooring in Kensington will look perfectly extravagant in your favourite room, whereas maple flooring is the key to creating a quiet peaceful atmosphere for work, cherry flooring makes the house look fresh and is perfect for kids, and this is not the end of the list.


The process of hardwood floor installation in Kensington is simple. You begin your journey with us from contacting HL&SYMOLIS friendly dedicated employees. We will be more than happy to help you with any unsolved questions to make your home more comfortable. Afterwards, designers, who practised their valuable skills throughout years will suggest you a couple of the best fits, taking into consideration all wishes and desires.

We let our customers fantasy run wild. Finally, oak wood flooring in Kensington will send their experts to perform work right way, and, of course, the final result will just amuse you.

fitting hardwood flooring kensington
fitting hardwood flooring in kensington


Installing engineered hardwood flooring staff in Kensington care about the sustainability of the production as much as they do about the quality. We also support sustainable initiatives from our workers to raise environmental awareness on our manufacturing. While cutting, HL&SYMOLIS try to avoid younger trees, so they can grow and create more, therefore we cut the older ones.

We are learning and educating HL&SYMOLIS employees on environmental issues every day and strive to do more. One more important thing engineered hardwood flooring in Kensington double-checks – is the safety of working places and a positive working environment.


Thanks to the hundreds of positive feedbacks from our dear clients, we are one of the top wood flooring companies on the British market. HL&SYMOLIS are identified as a trustworthy fast-growing company, whose luxury products are always high-quality and at a competitive price. Wood floor fitters in Kensington pay attention to all small details while helping customers with making the right decision.

At the same time, employees are flexible, polite and have the perfect punctuality. HL&SYMOLIS guarantees easy communication and a variety of choices as well as the satisfaction with the final result. A happy client is the best achievement for solid hardwood flooring in Kensington.

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