Features of the selection and use of vinyl tiles

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26th October 2020


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Records for phonographs, films for car stickers, metal-plastic windows and pipes — these are iconic things for their era. At first glance, nothing unites them, but nevertheless such a denominator exists and a material acts in its role — polyvinyl chloride or simply vinyl. The properties of this polymer make it possible to use it in almost any area of ​​human life, including the interior design industry. In this article, we will consider the vinyl flooring, trying to pay attention to design features, properties and issues of applicability in a particular situation.

About material

Most modern floor coverings are like a «layer cake», consisting of several balls connected into a single composition. Each of them performs its own function (protective, stabilizing, shock-absorbing, etc.). But there is always a base layer that defines the set of properties of the finished product. In the case of vinyl floor tiles, polyvinyl chloride or PVC (PVC) plays its role.

It is a colorless elastic polymer capable of assuming various forms, depending on the technology. This largely determines the wide range of its application, but much more contribute to this:

  • Resistance in contact with acid-base, alcohol, fat materials;
  • Non-flammability. When exposed to temperatures above 70-100 °C, PVC crystallizes (hardens), and when the threshold of 220 °C is exceeded, it melts;
  • Dielectric properties;
  • Low thermal conductivity (about 0.16 W/mK);
  • Strength and wear resistance, etc.

The main disadvantage of this material is the difficulty of its disposal. The fact is that during its combustion, toxic chlorine-containing compounds can be released into the air. In addition, PVC without additional components is sensitive to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Such a scenario can lead to the development of the photodestruction process, which can result in a loss of strength characteristics and elasticity.


In general, vinyl flooring is a very competitive product in the flooring market. A wide range of operational (including decorative) characteristics practically doesn’t limit the range of their application: from the living room to the bathroom and from the store to the industrial premises. This is a fairly strong, unpretentious and durable material. But all this is possible only if the recommendations for selection, styling and further use are followed.


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