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1. To avoid splinters

Splinters are not what makes the wood more valuable and practical. In order to rid them, you need to get your wood sanded.

2. To smoothen the wood

In order to make the wood more appealing, it is supposed to be sanded. If you donโ€™t want milling marks on your wood, then you better get it sanded.

3. To get the wood ready to get it dyed

In order to apply some dye on the wood, your wood is to be smooth and flawless. Moreover, you need it to be done before it is painted.

4. To remove blade marks


When the wood is processed, there are marks on the wood. They are marks of the blades. They seem to rough and to make the wood smoother, this needs sanding.

No matter how simple it may seem, the more professional people do it, the better the outcome could be. Before the flooring installation is complete, the hardwood is to be sanded properly, be it manually or by the electric device. Coarse grits are to be removed from the wood so that the interior looks more appealing to the eyes.

Thus, our company will do everything to make this process very easy and less problematic. So, if you are planning to have your home or office decorated with good solid flooring. In order for the project to be complete, the proper sanding is very vital. So, our help is what you may need. Why us? There are some reasons for that.

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HL&Symolis LTD projects

We are expert in wood

Our workers are professionals in many senses related to wood. You want smooth wood on your floor, then maybe we can give a hand. Our craft is our pride. We know how to design the perfect floors.

We are dedicated to our job and customers

We treat our customers with care. Moreover, not only professionalism makes us worth your attention and time, but our loyalty to our job. Individual approach to our clients is a must for us. Clients are the ones who determine our quality and prospects.

We are careful and punctual

Besides our devoted trait regarding the hardwood work, we treat everything with great care and try to be fast enough in terms of finishing the projects on time.

All in all, the sanding process is what we can make with ease, care, and punctuality. If you are planning big stuff connected with floor installation, you may contact us at any given time.