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Time is an important factor contributing to the quality of the floor, especially if this floor is made of wood. Hardwood food flooring is a very preferred one when compared to other types of flooring. Yet time can cause problems to the floor alongside some other factors. Woods can get rougher and less attractive. It can seem that there is no trace of the previous glossing that it used to have. Moreover, this is even sadder if someone is not ready to pay for new floors.

The problem is actually not so challenging. There is always a solution if to seek smartly enough. Our company is providing such services for restoring the wooden floors to give the effect making it look better and fresher. Interestingly, on the net, you will see much advice regarding how you can refresh your old floor. But, please keep in mind, not all that glitters is gold. Some advice can be good, but others can be even detrimental.


Why is important to call professionals for such stuff? What makes it hard to restore the floor on your own? What are the setbacks of doing it without professional help? People prefer doing something without external help until it can be too late. That happens, yet if to know the problem better, there is a chance that you can change your mind. There are some reasons to explain.

What makes your floor look older is something a professional team needs to find out. For example, you have floors that faded to a greater extent, and the reason can be that the finish that was used to bind this wood did not have solvents. This can be a problem , and it can be solved similarly just by adding what is needed and simply restored.

Restoration for use isn’t something like you come and redo some stuff. It isn’t a tough job to perform. It is our craftwork that we are proud to do. We approach every inch of your floor with the taste of the artist and recreate it into something beautiful and excellent.

HL&Symolis LTD projects
HL&Symolis LTD projects


The process can be tiring and requires a physical approach. It is not so simple when it comes to renovating your floor. Everything is to be moved away and work on it. Yet, it may need sanding or something else relevant. So, a professional team is a must especially if you are planning some renaissance of your floors.

Are you cost-effective? That is an important question. Some people can be shocked if to say that some online advice can require more than what you would normally pay to the professional team were you to call them. The prices are important. Thus, your discretion is important in such decisions.

To conclude, restoration wood floor is something that can make your floors look beautiful again. To do that, you can simply call us or contact us via email. We would be pleased to help you with renovating your old but fashionable floors.