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The popular and practical flooring type is the one done with hardwood. Given its durability and a decent design, your floors will never be the same.  Simply speaking, when we talk about this particular way of the installation, generally it is more about the wood which is to be employed in the process. The more durable and long-lasting they are, the more efficient and time-tested they will be.

There are many types of floors that can be installed. Much depends on the material you choose.  As you know, the trees the hardwood is made of determines the quality. The most preferred are oak, maple, and cherry floorings. Also, there is a bamboo type of flooring along with ash, mahogany, and walnut. These types of flooring prove to be better than the other ones in terms of quality and design.


The boards specially made for this process are fit into a tongue and groove. Thus, the process can seem a bit easy. Yet, do not be deceived by the appearance of something, for this installation requires very competent people to complete in a better way. So, workers to be experienced as it is not a Lego game to play. Why is solid flooring preferred?

  • It is durable
  • It is time tested
  • It is less costly
  • It is not vulnerable to bad conditions
  • It can be sanded several times
  • It preserves a warm temperature

Our company is comprised of professional workers who have already proved to be one of the best in this. Thus, if you are planning to have this type of floor installed. We are the company that you may want to hire for this job.

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HL&Symolis LTD UK

We know how to work with wood efficiently

Our expert team knows what type of floor would suit you and your purse. We are able to specify your particular type of flooring that can make your home look much better.

Commitment to your preference and time

It is not just choosing hardwood for your floor installation. It is very important how efficient and fast we work. The speed of quality is very important. We guarantee to have your say in our job alongside the deadlines set.

Our prices are reasonable

Our prices are very affordable. We make plans according to your budget and try to create something good for you and us.

Creating a good design for you

If you think that we simply install floors, then you are mistaken. We try to make perfect and individual designs for each client so as to come up with perfect floors for your home or office.