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As long as the love of aesthetics will live in the souls and minds of people, the custom carpentry will live its life. Thus, it is important to make everything beautiful and appealing. However, how something looks like is not an only criterion. There is a narrow line of the concept of beauty and pragmatism. Our team of HL & Symolis LTD. is ready to help you with that.

We are able to provide the services of custom woodwork. This is the service we pride. It is very important that our customers could understand that we value every idea and ready to cooperate to create something that can satisfy even capricious clients.

Our craftsmen can boast their approach and the way they do their work. Wood is something to be felt and understood, and from the perspective of the professionals your home has the chance to designed with carefully selecting materials and designs that will make your house look unforgettable.


Professional touch to the design and décor

We, as a team, can guarantee that our clients are satisfied with our products given our presence in this market for quite a long time. Custom carpentry is the concept that we are familiar with our hands rather than from books or articles. Thus, when we say we know our job, it means we can do it.

Your opinion is our priority

Our attitude towards clients is what pride also. We always take into consideration the thoughts and ideas of our customers. Any desire or suggestion of our clients is very significant, and our company values it. We do not consider suggestions or proposals of our customers as something intruding.

HL&Symolis LTD UK
HL&Symolis LTD UK


Our goal is to build something worth your attention and money. Thus, it is more about creativity alongside craftsmanship. Here, it is important to create an ideal product that would be eye-catching for our customers. So, if the appearance of your floors is more than important to you, we are at your service.

High quality carpentry

Our unwavering commitment to the work is our pride and what deserves respect. We are a team of committed professionals who can dedicate their work to complete it on time and with excellence. Custom solutions we provide our clients are made according to their needs and preferences. Of course, we suggest our own, but the customers are our main commitment.

All in all, the design of your floor before it is installed is the number one issue. So, our team will solve this problem with great pleasure. Actions speak louder than words. Also, we pay attention to what our clients want and say. Thus, we approach each client individually and with care to their opinions.