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What can make a dull wood look more attractive? Do you want to add some satin sheen to the wood floor? There are many things that oil and varnish finishing can have an effect on the wood. The process is quite simple yet requires professional skill to complete.

So what is varnish? It is a clear finish or film which is transparent. It has some protective features. Generally, it is transparent, that is, no color. It may happen to come across the varnish of some color when some dyes are added to it. Its functions may vary according to the substances added to it.

Since varnish is made up of resin, solvent, and oil intended for drying, it creates a kind of protective finish on the wood. In some cases, when used outdoors, the UV absorbers are added as well thus making waterproof. Despite very many chemicals used in the process of making this varnish, the varnish is very durable making the wood more durable as well.


To create a much stronger finish, the varnish is combined with oil. Yet, in case you prefer to use oil and varnish separately, this can be done as well. So, what are the benefits of such finishing on your hardwood floor?

  • It gives some kind of charm on the wood.
  • It does protect the wood through covering it completely
  • It makes hard for cracks to happen
  • It makes the wood more resistant to moisture
  • It makes the wood softer and durable
HL&Symolis LTD projects
HL&Symolis LTD projects


Finishing on the hardwood floor is a very critical process that is to be used. For this, our team is specially trained and expert in this. So, in case you are planning to give a gloss effect to your wood, the varnish is an indispensable tool for you. We can help you with the following:

  • To select a particular way of finishing
  • To give some advice on which finishing is more suitable for you
  • To make the finishing process efficiently and less costly


All in all, if you are about to have a good decorative floor at home made of wood, then you should contact us. We can help you with that. Our company will do its best to install a floor that will shine, look charming, and be durable. We are at your service to make your home look more appealing and perfect.